Less is More- Toddler Playroom


I was afraid to take this first picture.  Am I really going to put that on the internet?  This was the state of our little girls playroom.  There was lot of little toys everywhere.  Almost impossible for our little one to clean up.  I did not want to spend my time organizing toys either.  I really got the idea to get started with this project after reading “The Different Between Treasure and Just Plain Stuff“.

My daughter also never played in this room.  Her stuff was just stored there.  So during a nap, I bagged up most of the toys and brought them to the Salvation Army.  Guess what?  When she woke up she actually played with her toys for a half hour.  When she was done there was only 1 toy out of place that I gladly picked up for her before bed.

So sorry to all the people that bought her amazing toys.  She did play with them for a while.  But it was time to downsize and just enjoy a few things.  If I would have kept everything she would not have enjoyed any of the toys.  Now we can relax and play with the toys together.

Having a book rack is a great way for our little one to be interested in different books.  I store the books in the box next to the rack and switch out the books weekly.  I definitely have Charlie the Cavalier Begs for Attention in there.


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