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“It is in all of us to defy
expectations. To go into the world
and to be brave and to want, to need,
to hunger for adventures. To embrace
change and chance and risk so that
we may breathe and know what it is
to be free.”
-Mae Chevrette

As a native of Nashville, I believe it is only fair to let
you in on some much needed secrets to navigate in city
life. From the busyness of Honky Tonk central, to
serene locations to gaze on our ever-growing skyline, I
hope this can be the friendly guide you turn to. Let’s go

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Finding the perfect place to stay while being in the
heart of the city can be a little tricky. If you are like me,
you prefer cutting the cost of lodging in order to give
yourself some extra spending money. In this case, there
are many luxurious, yet, affordable Air BNBs in the
bustling heart of Nashville. All you have to do is
download the Air BNB app and search ‘Nashville, TN’.
On the contrary, if you enjoy living like royalty while
on vacation, Nashville has a couple perfect
accommodating hotels. The Hermitage Hotel, lodging
visitors since 1910, is known for its fine architecture
and rich history. Another stunningly structured hotel
was once known as Nashville’s local train station.
Union Station, each brick full of more history than the
other, is classy, while at the same time encompassing
the true essence of southern hospitality. Both hotels
start at $365 per night. If you are interested in a more
modern, upscale Nashville stay, the Westin, Hutton, or
Omni will be your dream come true. They are located
in the heart of downtown with magnificent views and
very sleek, minimal décor. As a few of the hottest picks
for Nashville lodging, their rooms start at $500 per


With a water park, restaurants, boat rides, and more, the
Gaylord Opryland Resort is a one stop shop. It offers
three different kinds of rooms – the guest room, the
parlor, and the deluxe. They are differing in price
depending on the room view and package you choose.
You can either solely book a room or you can choose a
package that includes passes to Soundwaves, the brand
new waterpark taking over four acres of the hotel
grounds. It is exclusive to hotel guests and parties. If
you are not rooming at the resort, outside guests are
permitted to walk around and enjoy the restaurants and
shops. Opryland has nine acres of indoor gardens and a
pond that flows through the lobby. The hotel offers boat
rides along the pond, creating a calm, scenic adventure
for the whole family.


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Elise was born and raised in Nashville, TN. She
loves spending time with family and sharing
conversations over a cup of coffee. She is always up for
an adventure, especially if it consists of nature or new

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