Need More Storage Space? Go Up!

20150214_091950My husband has a very tiny office.  Since we are making room in the house for a new baby, we needed to move things out of a closet.  Well where do we put the stuff we still want?  I love things to be hidden and organized.  So we decided on these $80 a piece cabinets from home depot.  The nice part was everything came in one package.

Home Depot delivered them to our door for free and then the assembly began.  I have to admit, I was a little worried about these cabinets at first.  The were flimsy but ok for an office or a laundry room.  The back is actually made of cardboard but nice when we hung them on the wall.

You may want to buy cabinets that are already put together. But what is nice about these cabinets is that they hang on a wall on a board.  So after they were put together we just needed to make a level line, attached the boards and hang the cabinets.  As you see, they were much easier to hang without the doors attached.

I did check to see if they had cabinets that would fit at our local habitat for humanity stores.  At the time they did not have the sizes that we needed.  These are two 30×30 cabinets.  They come out 12 inches from the wall and have 2 shelved.

If you need extra space in your house I recommend going up.  We were not using the space anyway.

IMG_9027IMG_9026 IMG_9028 20150214_091939


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