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Four Packing Tips



  • Wash Your Dirty Laundry


One of the ways to avoid carrying loads of clothes is to wash the clothes you carry. At some places you might get to use the laundry services or a Laundromat but if you are in a pinch, best solution is to wash them yourself. If that is the plan then carrying quick drying clothes is highly recommended, which most often also happen to be the wrinkle free variety.



  • Leave Those Towels Behind


Regular towels take up a lot of space, are heavy and take ages to dry out. If you are staying at hotels they will provide you with towels anyway. If you are travelling to a remote place, where the availability of towels look doubtful, carry a light weight travel towel of viscose material to do the job.



  • Use a Compression Bag


Compression bags are getting lots of recommendations now days from regular travellers. These are useful for saving space in your luggage when you have to pack bulky dresses. While packing for the return trip, get help from the hotel staff to arrange a vacuum cleaner.



  • Put on Your Hiking Boots


If you have plans to go hiking or trekking during your trip, you will need those bulky hiking boots. The best way to carry them is to wear them on flight to save space and luggage weight. You can remove the boots once inside and be comfortable in your socks.


Top Reasons to Book a Trip to Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten 

by Ruth-Ellen Alcendor who wrote the book Greater Than a Tourist- Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten



  • Location:


Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten is at the center of the Caribbean, at the crossroads between the Americas and the rest of the world. Its tropical climate guarantees sunshine and warmth the whole year round.



  • Openness:


Having welcome folks from all continents, hospitality has become a natural quality in SXM, besides tolerance and conviviality. No wonder it is called “the friendly island”!



  • Uniqueness:


One of the smallest islands in the world to be shared between two countries, SXM has the touch of Europe and a very atypical story to share. And when it comes to culture, what a melting pot!


Our Story

Traveling is a passion of this series creator. She studied abroad in college, and for their honeymoon Lisa and her husband toured Europe. During her travels to Malta, an older man tried to give her some advice based on his own experience living on the island since he was a young boy. She thought he was just trying to sell her something. When traveling to some places she was wary to talk to locals because she was afraid that they weren’t being genuine. She created this book series to give you as a tourist an inside view on the place you are exploring and the ability to learn what locals would like to tell tourists. A topic that they are very passionate about.


Remember, it does not matter where you travel but who you travel with. 



Lisa Rusczyk Ed. D. 

Creator of CZYK Publishing and the Greater Than a Tourist travel book series. 

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