Old Rake as a Necklace Holder for Organization

Old Rake as a Necklace Holder for Organization Since today is Saturday, my husband watched our little girl and I got to go shopping all by myself for the morning.  I found a great deal on American Eagle necklaces ($2 each) but I did not know how to store them.  If I did not put them where I could see them I probably would not wear them and they would get tangled.

The woman at the store mentioned she got a peg board for her daughter to do the same thing since most jewelry boxes are to short to hold these types of necklaces.

I definitely don’t have time when I am getting ready to untangle a necklace before I leave the house.

I went on pinterest and found this great idea.  I even had an old rake outside that was going to the trash so this was perfect.  The nice thing is I used this rake to clean up our back yard so it is also sentimental.

All I did was put a nail in the wall and hang it up.  I decided to put it behind the door in the bathroom.  I did check to make sure you could open the door without hitting the necklaces.  So hopefully if you see me around you will see me wearing a necklace if my toddler does not break them  first!


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3 thoughts on “Old Rake as a Necklace Holder for Organization”

  1. I have one of these too! The previous owner of our house left a bunch of old tools in the shed and a rake like this was among them. I think I need to restock it with some new necklaces though. 😉

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