Pictures You Normally Don't See of a Cruise

My husband and I went on our 13th cruise together.  We love to cruise.  This last cruise we did with a 4 year old and a 9 month old! Crazy right.  Normally I would show you the cute pictures that I carefully selected though out the week.  But cruising has its other side too.  Lots of waiting.  Boring things.  Not fun vacation things.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to cruise and we will go again, but I thought I would share a different side.  Please don’t see this post as complaining.  Just things that usually happen to me while I am on a cruise. Enjoy!

20160306_154842Look a great view of a helecopter but someone is in front of me so I can’t take a good picture.


Look at all this stuff we need to bring our baby out of our stateroom to go to lunch on the ship.  20160309_104556

Sun tan lotion and bug spray.

20160309_140054 Sorry this picture is sideways.  But you need to tender over to the private island.  This makes me sea sick.  You have to wait in line to get on the tender, then wait in line to get back.

20160309_171230Kid pool is closed because someone POOPED in it.

20160309_185343151 sqaure foot room with 2 kids.  One in a pack and play.  You had to move the back in play to get to the bathroom or the closet.

20160310_172807Dirty windows. So much salt it is hard to keep them clean.

IMG_20160306_160900_2Trying to get a picture of the statue of liberty.  But there are so many people it just did not happen.

IMG_20160308_170858 Bus to the beach, then bus back to the ship.  Twenty minutes each way plus 10 minutes of waiting for the bus to leave.

IMG_20160311_103921 Finding no pool chair.  Then finding some by the smoking section.  Also they are varnishing the bar and the smell is lingering under the roof.

IMG_20160311_210842Oh look, you are not the only people to bring your kids on a cruise.  30 other kids are in your childs age group on the ship.

Not pictured: Lifeboat drill, waiting in customs, waiting in life for an elevator because you have a stroller, trying to get food at the buffet for yourself, a toddler, and a baby while people are not following buffet rules, and waiting for food at a sit down restaurant while a toddler is crying.

Finally, listen to other people complain on their vacation about things.

Again, we LOVE cruising, and we will do it again. But it is not all white sand beaches, clear water, and sunsets.  But i will share one anway.



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