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Do You Want to Teach Your Kids About The World?

Join Charlie the Cavalier on his travels around the world. While away he will video chat, send post cards, call on the phone, and text the people he misses at home. He even bring home his best friend Lilly a present. A great way to show kids how you will stay connected while you are away from home. Kids will also learn different landmarks around the world.

Places that Charlie travels includes:

Central Park, NYC, New York, Niagara Falls, Niagara, Canada, Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Big Ben, London, England, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France, Gondola on Canal, Venice, Italy, Pyramids, Giza, Egypt, Great Wall of China, China, and Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

Let your kids go on an adventure and how to show loved ones you care about when while you are away. 

This is a wonderful children’s book, about a Charlie the Cavalier

Charlie loves to show children that you can be loved even when you are not in the same place.

Where will Charlie the Cavalier Travel?

This beginner readers‘ eBook Series will motivate and inspire your kids to show others they are loved and know they are loved even when a parent, relative, or friend is away.

Your kids will enjoy full colorful illustrations of Charlie the Cavalier and the places around the world that he travels.

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Your kids will be inspired:

  • To Travel
  • To Learn More About the World
  • To Communicate with Home While They or a Loved On is Away From Home

A Reviewer gave Charlie the Cavalier Travels the World 5 Stars:

“My niece and I love this book and she is able to also play hide and seek while I read the story keeping here eyes searching around the pages and pictures. The pictures are bright and colorful and well detailed. There is a little bit of story telling but once she gets to the point where she knows more vocabulary my niece should be able to read most of it without help. I also like that there are little rhymes here and there making it much like Dr. Seuss but for me also more fun and playful. Lastly, I love that the character does not stay in one place to long or just in the USA but all over the world, and while Charlie is traveling he is still thinking of the family and friends that he left behind. It truly is a sweet and heart warming story of a traveling puppy.”

A Reviewer gave Charlie the Cavalier Travels the World 5 Stars:

“This is such a cute book for kids not reading yet or just starting to read. The need to find the heart on each page. This introduces them to a variety of places all over the world. Boys or girls will love this book. Super cute.”

The story is written for children ages 3 -8.

For each Charlie the Cavalier and 50 Things to Know book that is sold (not including free days), 10 cents is given to teaching and learning. Go to to find out more.

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