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My husband and I are on the adventure to build our first shed cabin.


How exciting.  We have been doing our research and what to share what we find here.  We want this to be a insulated 4 season place for us to stay.  We are going to start with just electric but that does not mean we will not grow in the future.  This will be a place for us to stay at my husbands family land.  We will use their facilities while we are there.

So join us in our journey to find a place to relax and I hope you can find a few ideas too.

Shabin [shab-in]Shabin-2


a small house or cottage, usually of simple design and construction created from a shed. 

The search has begun for our Shabin.  We have been visiting many shed places in Pennsylvania online and in person.

This is what we are looking for:

  • Shed-  7 foot wall cape cod or A frame style 10 x 16.
  • We would like glass french doors in the front, and insulated with pine on the walls.
  • Two double pane windows and an electric package.
  • A 4 foot loft on the opposite side of the door.
  • If 8 foot walls are possible without too much extra charge, we would like that.
We realize that some people may want to build there own sheds.  That is great.  But at this point, we are happy that someone can do it for us.  Also, they are much more efficient and can get the materials for a less expensive price.
I have really enjoyed doing my research.  Stairs and storage ideas. Little spots for things. I like the oak walls and the clean and organized designs.  I can’t wait to pick out the choices for our Shabin.

ikeaWhile I had some extra time while the kids were sleeping I made a little collage from an Ikea magazine.  I have not done this since my Leonardo DiCaprio collage that was on the back of my bedroom door as a teenager.  I had a great time.

I guess what I am looking for is mostly pine. I am not sure how I am going to finish it.  Possibly everything white?  Most of our house is tan with white trim.  So maybe something cabiny?  I will continue to look and think but here are some fun ideas.  I also like the wicker.  What items on the board do you like? Well I guess you could say place matt because that is what I put the picture on.

We Found Our Builder!

After calling about 6 shed places and getting an idea on a price, we are going with Kramer sheds in Tannersville, PA.  I will share the prices with you when we purchase the shed.  For now I will share a drawing my husband created so we have an idea of window, door, and outlet placement.  We have decided to go with barn shape since there is much more room in the wall and ceiling for less cost.


We did it!  We purchased on our shabin.  The shabin should be delivered in 3-4 weeks. Sometime in April (which is my birthday month), so I am very excited.
I don’t normally like to talk about money, but I thought I would share so you can have an understanding of how much this all cost incase you would like to do something similar.
Now we could have just bought a shed and insulated, put electric, and pine in ourselves.  But that is not something we were interested in.  The cost for us to buy at Lowes for some of the materials were similar.  Below is the cost sheet.  We also got another $150 off because we did not buy with credit.
The drawling of the plan is incorrect on this sheet.  The actual drawling is the one above.  I am so excited and can’t wait to sleep in our little shabin for the first night.
The next things on our list to think about:
  • How to heat and cool.
  • How to get electric to the shabin (250 feet from electric source).
  • How to create cool storage stairs.
  • Flooring.


We used 10 ton of stone for about $275 delivered.  We started spreading the rock with shovles, but then got some help from my father in laws machine.  This was very helpful.  We thought we picked a flat spot but after the rock was there we realized it was not that flat to begin with.  We used a level to make sure we did a good job.

We also had to make the stone fence at least 12 feet wide at the opening to get the building in.  tiny house shed shabin foundation

The cabin is here!  Please view the video as we continue to add to our cabin.  We are currently at working on decorating the inside.  I can not wait to show you the results! We will add a little each time.


This last trip to the shabin we were very busy.  We installed a new click and lock floor, created a ladder, hung curtains, and put together our new futon.  So far the shabin is really coming together.

50 Things to Know Life Shabin Shed Cabin

Three year update! Cabin tour. We have had this cabin for 3.5 years now. We did a little cleaning today so I thought I would share some pictures. We are still pretty happy with our “Off the grid” “Shabin”.

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