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I wanted to share some decorating tips from our old house as we move to our new house.  I hope you enjoy and may be able to purchase some things to add to your house.  I think the photographer did an excellent job with the photo shoot. We lived in this house for 8 years. I really enjoyed many project here and wanted to share them with you.  Pretty much since the day we moved in I started bargain hunting for items to buy along the way.

I added the House number plaque to show the house numbers.  I also added them to the mailbox.  My Mom made this sign for me, but you can find a Welcome Wood Verticle Sign here.  Boxwood topiary in an urn. I put the urn on bricks that my sister-in-law gave me to add some height.  I think it looked nice on the one side of the house.   I got the birdbath a Lowes, but you can buy one here too. I added a solar powered fountain that was nice but I still had to clean out the bird bath.    I will really miss all my plants.  When we went to clean the house the other day I was talking to them and my daughter made fun of me.

Living Room

We bought this Lazyboy recycler 8 years ago, and it has held up well to kids and one Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Charlie.  Did you know I have a book series about him?  We recently bought his kitchen table from Amazon. The table is by Ashley.  You can actually buy furniture from Ashley from many places on the internet, so I recommend buying furniture from the place where you can find the best price/coupon code. I recently picked up the Carrara marble tray from Walmart.

This Murphy bed came in a big truck.  We put it together and it looked great and worked great.  I always wanted a Murphy bed for a small space and love this one.  Here is a video of assembly.

The airstone wall was another fun project. This wall looks great for many years and I am really happy with the focal point.  Airstone can be found at Lowes or other places.




When we moved into the house we took out the linoleum and put in dark laminate floors. I changed out the handles to these brushed nickel t bars.  Remember to always measure the length between the holes before you buy new hardware for your kitchen.  Sometimes they can be different sizes. These came in a large pack and were only $1 each.

I then got the granite countertop as a 30th birthday present. We purchased the counter from Lowes, they came out to measure, then installed it. Here is a blog post I did about the granite countertops.     I did the tile backsplash with tiles from Lowes myself using my Dad’s tile saw. (Thanks Dad). All of the house trim was painted white. We found this light fixture at Lowes on sale.  While this type of light is not usually found in a kitchen, it made the area very bright. Here is a similar Swing Arm Track Light

I added the brushed nickel plates on the backsplash because I did not think the white looked nice after the new granite. Also, I chose an under mount sink for easy cleaning and a brushed nickel faucet.


When we go on cruise vacations, we like sleeping with white duvet comforters.  This one is similar since it is alternative down.  The picture, pillows, and box are from TJ Maxx. We have had these glass ball lamps forever.  I bought them at JCPennys but you can find similar ones here. Sometimes I switch the similar lampshades around in the house just for fun.

The shaded are all top down bottom up shades, since we are in town.  Then you can adjust them to get the view that you want.  They were an expensive purchase but we used them every day.

Office in a Closet

This was my office in my walk-in closet.  It worked well.  Also, we had some luggage storage that we quickly made with wood from Lowes. The sign I found at Target.  That office chair is Amazon basics and I bought it because it was super comfortable.    I also have the Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard that is rounded in the front for comfort.  The computer that I use does not have a fan, which makes it really nice and quiet for a closet.  The sound of fans bothers me.  This was my first Beelink computer, and I have been happy with it over a year.  I found the flower picture at dollar general. Yes, those are my holiday barbies peaking out at the top.  My parents got them for me for Chrismas every year as a kid.

I always prefer double monitors now.  I have these Scepre 22 inch LEDs and I am happy with them. I also have a stand for them to keep them at the correct height and with apart.

The window valance was from the girl’s rooms.  I quickly realized they needed long room darkening curtains to sleep. The little white ruffle valances are an inexpensive way to add a small curtain to a room where there is no room on the sides to hand them high and wide.

On the side you can sell a white shoe shelf from the walk-in closet side of my office found an Ikea. Here is what this side of my closet looked like before I added the desk.

Small Home Office

You can find his metal holder here. This holds my husband’s metals and his numbers from running trail races.  I am just glad they are organized in one spot.

My husband and I like large tables instead of desks.  They are bigger for monitors, do not take up too much space, and then there is more leg room without drawers. My husband picked up the traditional shelves from Lowes.

This clear office matt was added to the floors did not make marks from the chairs.


These bathroom items are mostly from Lowes.  That is where the vanity and medicine cabinet is from.  The mirror came with the house covering up a large hole left by the previous homeowner in another room. We decided to use it here.  I picked up some new white hand towels to help stage the house and I think they helped. Here is a transformation of this bathroom the first time.  I then changed it, in the same way, to gray a few years later.


Gray Girls Bedroom

This room got a new gray paint.  I choose dolphin fin by Behr.  Did you know if you pick a color paint you can have it mixed most places in most paint colors?  My Mom chooses this paint for her house because it was a gray without many other colors in it. (Purples and Blues). We really like it. The gray wall to wall carpet is from Lowes off the rack. I loved this white wood curtain rod and brackets I found.  As you see, I like to hand curtains high (to the ceiling) and wide (6 or more inches past the molding). I get this from one of my favorite design blogs, Young House Love. Here are some curtain tips from you from them.

The large map is from Ikea. This cute princess tent was a present and I believe it is from Mellisa and Doug. We have a very cute store in Downtown Lock Haven called the Bus Stops here that sells them. Here is a similar Princess Castle Play Tent. The pictures were from at Dollar General. The shelf and dresser were made by my husbands’ Uncle. Nightstand from Ashley furniture.

Pink Girls Room

This dresser was found at Ikea but then my husband’s Uncle made it for us. There is so much storage in there! When he built it he created a wood top skirt for a changing table cover.  These are dark grommet blackout curtains that are great to keep the street lights out at night.  The glass lamp was from Homegoods.

I framed an old quit that my Great Grandmother had made.  I never met her but it is nice to have something in the house from here that is not in a closet. Here is a tutorial on the quilt square pictures. More about here room when I updated it from a nursery to a toddler room can be found here.


Also in the backyard, my friend Sarah and I built a fire pit.  A CNN / HLN film crew came out of the day to film it. We added dirt to the backyard for a grass area for the kids to play, a privacy fence, and then I repainted the shed. If you did not get enough home renovations from this post, I have a few more listed here.

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