Small Things in September

2015-09-08 11_51_00-Lisa Rusczyk Ed.D. (@lrusczyk) • Instagram photos and videosThis past week a friends son died from a car accident.  This has reminded me how important each moment in life can be.   Last week I jotted down some of the small moments that I hope to remember forever.

This image is my daughters train tracks made into a heart by my husband.  He left it out for us.

My 3 year old calls a camp out a “camp over” when she plays pretend.

I have been making many crock pot meals in the pressure cooker.  I tried to make a milk based soup in the pressure cooker which caused the milk to curdle.  All of dinner was wasted.  We had hot dogs and beans instead.  Lesson learned.

My daughter told me she saw a porcupine in the yard.  She pointed to a caterpillar and said it was spiky.

Changing a diaper is always the best when you are just about finished and they poop again right before you finish putting on the new diaper.

I make my tea in the microwave.  Last week I put the tea bag in a cup and put it in the microwave.  No water!  I did not realize until the time was up.

We asked our daughter if she wanted to drive the car.  She said “I can’ t drive yet, I have little hands”.

My 3 year old thought it would be funny if she took all the toilet paper off the roll and leave it on the ground.  For the rest of the week we just used the toilet paper off the floor until it was gone.

I drove about a half hour to see the President of our church (The Christian and Missionary Alliance) speak.  He gave a great speech and the feeling in the church was amazing.  Afterward I was thinking about picking up my daughter.  One person said Hello to me before I left and tried to have a conversation.  It was the President.  I said Hi and then just left.

We usually do not ride in the car at night.  The other night we did and my daughter said that the mountains disappeared.

The week was exhausting but a beautiful reminder of how great God is.

This is the song I had in my head all week:


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