Tips for Video Chatting with Children- Facetime, Skype, Google Hangout – Great for a Traveling Family Member

Once you have video chatting set up between family members video chatting can be a great way to spend time together when you can’t be in the same location.  I now have a two and a half year old daughter that lives two hours away from all of her grandparents.  She is starting to realize that they live far away.  She know that you need a car to get there.  But she now realizes that she can talk to them on the phone and on Skype.  I hope that you can use some of these tips to talk to your loved ones while you can not be in the same physical location.

1. Tell Stories-

One way to keep kids attention during video chatting it to tell stories.  Have the children interact with you.

2. Ask Questions-

Ask the kids about their day.

3. Read them a Book-

Read the book outloud to the children.  Make sure sure you put the picture up to the screen.  Ask questions while you read the book.

4. Use a Puppet

5. Apps on the Iphone-  There might be pictures or games that you can show kids on the iPhone that they may be interested im.  Hold them up to the screen. Make sure they are kids friendly apps.

6. Jokes-

Find jokes on the internet that are for their age level.  Have them ready for when you video chat.  You can both prepare jokes ahead of time and tell them back and forth to each other.

7. Chat With Many People-

Using some video chatting programs you can talk to many people.  Try to bring in different people from all over the world into your one conversation at one time.

8.  Webbroswer-

Have video one one side and have a book on the other side.

9.  Play Doe-

Both have play doe before you start.  Try to make different shapes and animals and have the other side guess what you have made. You can also both try to make the same thing to see who made the object better.

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