Toddler Christmas Ideas from an Instructional Designer and Stay at Home Mom

11924764_10206096251304020_869597739823246221_nChristmas is coming soon!  I thought I would give you some ideas of things my daughter has loved over the past year.  These are toys that are great for 3-4 year old but really 2 and 5 year olds would play with these toys too.

I picked these toys because there are may ways to use them.  Kids won’t just play with them for a few minutes.  My daughter has played with these toys for hours.  I hope you can find something to add to your child’s Christmas list. These toys area also easy to store and use.  I don’t think girls need pink or purple toys to have fun.  Any color will work.

She loves to play with many of her toys and things she can find around the house too.  This picture above shows her playing school.

I will admit, some of these toys I found at the Good Will.  You may be able to find them on ebay too.  Happy shopping! I added links to Amazon so you can find them or put them on your wishlist.


Inside out is a great movie to teach kids about feelings.  I found these inside out characters at the Disney store.

This is a picture of some of my friends kids posing them and taking pictures with a fisher price camera.  She got this camera for her 3rd birthday.  We love the pictures she can take with it.  Great quality too.  She knows how to make a slideshow with music with the camera.


This stepping stone with handprint was something with did together with supplies from the dollar store and Lowes.  But why not just buy a cement handprint kit and do it together.  I love looking at this and her hand size in the garden when I walk buy.  Other stepping stones we did included shells that we found at the beach together on a vacation. 11825050_10205925741761388_3677034074752837167_n

Legos may not be for kids this age.  But since my husband loves legos we started her early.  This is a staircase she made all by herself.  You can buy large kits of legos or you can buy them that make special things like an Anna and Elsa Lego Castle.  She loves hers!  Daddy built it for her but she uses her other dolls and rug to play with it.  11828736_10205958338256280_4972720616739762091_n

Mr. Potato heads.  Enough said. Love these little guys and all the things you can do with them.  Did you know these started with actual potatoes?11899871_10205991475924701_9042695432998848512_n

These cardboard blocks at the library are great.  Recently she likes to make walls and fire pits with them.  But there are so many different options.  There are different size bricks too. 11902424_10206032504470389_5754581132727719725_n

These wood trains and train tracks  have kept my husband busy for hours.  My daughter loves them too.  There are many sets and tracks to choose form.  There are many different learning activities you can find on pinterest to do with trains11903798_10206032510830548_8966545021620009389_n

Play dough and cookie cutters are a great way to spend an afternoon.  I let her mix the colors now.  She makes “meals” for the entire family. This is also a great stocking stuffer. 11913880_10206096259744231_7052382236199176447_n

If you don’t realize already my husband and daughter love trains.  This Little Tikes Train set is great for toddlers.  There is a station, a ramp, and turns.  Each for little hands to click together and a train with batteries that moves on its own.  We do need to replace the batteries often as she forgets to turn her train off.


Wood blocks are something you can pretty much make anything out of.  Here is a race track she created.  Even if you loose a couple you can create houses, roads, and more.  12002199_10206186362356740_1744745842773379382_n

Did you know you can own your own bouncy house!  They can even have a slide.  A great big present for the holidays.  Great for parties too.  I do have to tell you the blower can be loud inside but you can bring it on a flat surface outside too. 12046576_10206234404757770_3436469342054223078_n

My Mom found her this table that we put sand water and dirt in.  A water table is also versatile.  I just  spray the table with the hose once a week to clean it out and start over again.  unnamedI just found these awesome tinker toys and I love them.  She has been making towers and cars with them.  Then she puts her dolls in too. As you see this road rug gets lots of use with many activities and is easy to clean.

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