Top 3 Favorite Technology Amazon Purchases

kp-slate-03-lg._V357572149_As you know my husband and I love Amazon.  We have Amazon Prime for free shipping and tv. He just bought a kindle paperwhite.  My daughter has a kindle fire since my husband found it in the lost and found at work after it was not claimed for a year.  My husband uses kindle unlimited to read free books every day.  Are you seeing a pattern.  This has become part of our everyday life. I also am a book author just for books exclusively on Amazon.  The nice part is most of these things are a one time bill or a small bill that we are ok with paying yearly. I will tell you more about each device and why we love them.  What is your favorite Amazon Product?

kp-slate-03-lg._V357572149_Kindle Paperwhite, is basically the new kindle.  My husband had had a kindle for years but there was a few things that were missing.  The device was heavy, had a small keyboard at the bottom, you had to turn a light on at night to read it (which did not make me happy when I like to sleep in a dark room), and my daughter recently chipped the side of it so it did not fit in the case.

This new one has a touch screen which he loves and can be read on the beach on in bed.  Since he is a Dad this does not happen often uninterrupted but he gets his time in.

If you are a parent make sure you purchase a case too as the little ones can be touchy.  Also, the one he purchased has ads. I personally do not like a billboard in my house whenever I walk by the table.  He told me not to look but I am a Mom I look at everything.  I have been told by my sister in law that there is good deals that he benefited from.  But with a case you can view the “home billboard” when you like and have a nice device when you are at home.

I love when he got his kindle because now there are not books all over the house. We don’t have to store them. Also, he does not need for them to come in the mail.  Before vacation he downloads a few book and he is ready.

b-slate-02-lg-v6._V335197830_Amazon Fire TVis something that we found for only $20 but now is more expensive.  But not by that much.  At one point we completely got rid of our cable (and the bill).  We have it now because it was the same price at the internet and that is something we are not willing to part with.  This works with older flat screen tvs.  If you have a newer one it probably already does this.  Just plug it in your tv and you can access many things.  Here is the deal.  You have to pay extra (or be on your free trial) for netflix, amazon prime, and hulu.  But instead of hooking up a entire computer to your tv, or flinging something from your computer you can just use the tiny remote to access many shows.  Some of them are free too.

One downside is that we have a diskstation where we store video that can not be accessed with this device.  We are starting to watch kids shows almost every day from Amazon prime video.  My daughter even knows which remote to bring me to put on her show.  Don’t worry I do bring her to the park too.

amazon-prime Amazon Prime has many benfits and you can go to the website to find out exactly what they are. I will tell you what we use it for.

One of my new years resolutions is to not go to Walmart for an entire year.  When I got there I pick up many things that I don’t need.  I am good at regulating myself online.  One thing I just purchased (with free shipping) is diapers.  Now I don’t have to make my daughter sit in her car seat (she is not a fan right now), go to the store (paying for gas), deal with parking… you see the picture.  We also buy other things too like k-cups, fruit leather, paper towels, toilet paper, and batteries.  This stuff comes in two days! I have to admit,the one downside to this is we have carboard at our house that we need to recycle often. Usually my daughter plays with the boxes first and we know that is entertainment in itself.

Then the other large benefit is the movies and tv shows that are free.  We watch them from our computers and fire tv.  I love watching romantic comedies on a week night in, my daughter loves all the cartoons, and my husband watches that sci-fi stuff.

Did you know you can also download one book free a month on Amazon prime? That means you can download one of the over 100 50 Things to Know Books.  (I know shameless promotion here).

So what technology do you buy on Amazon?

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