(Download pdf for printing hereTop Ten Travel Tips H2O).

Tip #1: Find Discounts: 
You can find discounts on their website by getting a room package or find them on Groupon. There is also discount tickets at their website 24 hours in advance.

Tip #2: Bring Your Own Towels

Tip #3: No Outside Food is Permitted
Something to keep in mind before you get there. They do sell food there. You can also eat somewhere else or in your hotel room before you begin.  I bought water bottles for the girls.

Tip #4: Life Jackets are Available
They are in a limited supply.  You can bring one that is a child is comfortable with.  I just like to watch my kids carefully without one.

Tip #5: 42 Inches
This is the height they need to be to ride the three tube slides while accompanied by a person over 48 inches.

Tip #6: Observer Tickets
If you have someone that does not want to swim, they can buy an observer ticket.

Tip #7: Air Temperature
They have the air temperature listed at 82-84 degrees.

Tip #8: Snacks
I like to bring snacks and water for the ride there and the ride back for adults and children.  You will get a workout running around here.

Tip #9: Locker
There are lockers available for use.

Tip #10: Different Age Children
I think it is best to have an adult with each age group of children.  This can be difficult but then kids can stay in groups.

This is an honest review and no discount was given from Split Rock Resort.

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