Try Praying in Color

IMG_20160315_084627Hi everyone.  Long time no blog.  Well I have been doing some thing that I want to share with you.  One of them is Praying in Color– A New Way to Pray.
I was given this book by a church that I do a bible study with at Great Island Presbyterian in Lock Haven.  Lori loaned me the book.  This is a short book with many illustration.  Basically you can pray by drawing or writing words.  If you don’t pray this is a way to think about others.  I also included words I will thinking about while praying.

You should really give this a try.  Get out some paper, some pens or makers, and start thinking.  I would love to see what you came up with.

I got this new sketch paper pad from Colore.  I got the book for free but you can get it for $10.  So far I have loved all the stuff they gave me for free to review.


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