Winter 2016- Children's Book Author

12534457_954967344540412_1132923195_nSorry I have not posted in a while.  I have been doing many things outside social media, which is probably a good thing.

The picture on the left is our the dedication at church of our second daughter.  If you think our church looks like a coffee shop, that is because our church owns and has services in the coffee shop.  We love our church family.

The big project that I am working on is writing 50 children’s books over the next couple months.  I know 50 seems like a large amount, but the process is going well. I decided to hire some people to help me with the image editing, covers, and the descriptions.  You can find my books on Amazon here.

I am currently reading a book that talks about your purpose.  The book is breaking busy (affiliate link).  I don’t usually read books often but I am learning from the book and the author.  Just the fact that the author has five kids and wrote a book is a crazy thought for me.  But I do believe my purpose is to be a stay at home Mom and write children’s books while I am doing home.

I love writing stuff down that my daughter says and then making it into a book.  I like to read her the books before bed that I created.  I love to see that she has learned from the books that I put together.  I can now wait to see that others are download the books and reading them to children too.

I was an instructional designer before I became a stay at home Mom.  This new job puts my love of my children and instructional design together.  I am excited that Amazon provides a platform where I can put these two things together, and make an income.

But I know this feels like a purpose because I feel the activity saves me.  I would honestly continue to do most of this without payment.  Yes there are some small things that get frustrating but finishing the task is worth the effort.

So thank you for continuing to read my story even though I don’t post very often.  I hope you enjoy the future silly books that I write.  Here is one that I recently wrote and I will share this review with you.  The review got three stars but I am ok with that.

The Animal Game“This is kind of a strange little book. My daughter thought it was funny, but I’m still trying to sort it out.”

I honestly love that reaction.


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